Month: May 2016

How an Interior Designer Can Save You Money?

Decorating your new home or redecorating your old home is a massive project that involves lot of time, energy and most importantly money. Most people, in the attempt to save money, take it upon themselves to do the remodelling. However, while you may have a clear vision about your dream home, you may not be an expert to actually get it done. This can make your whole interior designing project a major disaster; and this is where hiring an interior designer seems like an intelligent decision.

Most people think that hiring interior designers in Pune would be expensive and add to the renovation expenses. However, this is not true. On the other hand, an interior decorator would actually help you save lot of money. Let us try to know how.

Prevent Expensive Mistakes

The first and the biggest advantage of hiring an interior decorator in Pune is that he or she will prevent expensive mistakes completely. While you may think that something would look great in your home but the actual effect is otherwise, you would have to do it all over again. However, as the interior designer has the knowledge and expertise in interior designing, such costly mistakes can be avoided and there would be no need for redoing or retrial.

Plenty of Contacts

When you decide to design your own home, you would have to do a lot of research on contractors and vendors for each and everything, starting from furniture to tiles to electrical work, etc. Moreover, you may not get to know who is the best and provides the best quality product. On the other hand, an interior designer would have a strong network of contacts for everything that is required while decorating a home. He or she would be able to get you the best quality products and also good discounts which you may not get on your own.

Save Time

You may have liked the living room in your friend’s house or a bedroom that you would have seen in an interior designing magazine. However, if you try to recreate in your home, it may not work because your home and its structure is different. Nevertheless, an interior designer can help you get a similar room in your own home. In other words, you do not have to go for the trial and error method while designing your home. This will save a lot of time too.

So, the next time you want to redo the interiors of your home, hire a good interior decorator who would not only help you get a beautiful home but also save you lots of money.

Tips to Decorate Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is area where you spend time with your family and it is also the first place that the guests see when you visit your home. For all these reasons, your living room should not only look beautiful but should also be warm and welcoming. With the right furniture, colours and accessories it is possible to give that special touch to your living room. Let us take a look at some living room ideas.

Furniture for Living Room

Every living room should have a theme and everything, right from the furniture to the colours and textures of the walls, should match this theme or pattern. You can go for an ultra modern look, a traditional look or perhaps a vintage one as per your taste. You also need to make sure that there is enough seating arrangement for your entire family as well as a few extra when guests come over.

When it comes to seating, a comfortable couch is a must in every living room. However, the size of the couch should depend on the size of your room. If you have a large living room, go for a huge one and if you have a small living room, go for a smaller one. Apart from a couch, go for chairs and recliners that not only look good but are comfortable too. However, if you do not have space for many chairs, go for some alternative seating arrangements like bean bags, throw pillows, etc.

Storage is also something you need in your living room. You can invest in a coffee table that doubles up as a storage space and get a showcase that has shelves and drawers. When aesthetically placed, these furniture would work together to give your living room a really elegant look.

Colours for Living Room

When it comes to choosing colours for your living room, many people tend to stick to just one colour. However, this can make the room look boring. To add more drama to the room, it is best to choose 2-3 colours and stick to it. Yellow, blue, brown, white, etc. are some great shades for the living room. For instance, if you choose white as the base theme, add some personality to the room by using some other colours like red, deep blue, orange, etc. in your curtains, cushions, etc.

Apart from the colours and furniture, some other things that you can use to make your living room look classy are paintings, photographs, wall clocks, lamp shades, etc. However, make sure that you avoid clutter. Too many things in the living room can hamper the look of your home. If you are confused about the things to do and not to do in your living room, hiring residential interior designers in Pune would be helpful.

Different Types of Wall Decor

A home is where we spend the best part of our day. Relaxing after a long day or spending quality time with your family during the weekend is mostly done in the comfort of our home. This makes it important to decorate our home in a way that makes it beautiful and welcoming. Painting the walls is necessary as it not only makes the place look beautiful but also protects the walls. However, to add more personality to your home, you need to do something more. Wall decor is a good option here.

There are different types of wall decor available today. You can choose one that you like and suits your personality. Moreover, you can also choose to do different types of wall decor in different rooms. Let us find out about the various kinds of wall decor.


This is probably the most common way of decorating the walls of our homes. A great photograph or painting can definitely enhance the look of the wall. It can be a beautiful scenery, posters of your favourite movie or a painting of your favourite artist. Photographs of your family can also be great wall art. You can take different pictures, frame them separately and arrange them like a collage.

Wall Paper

There was a time when wall papers had gone out of fashion. However, today, they are back with a bang. You have so much variety when it comes to wall papers that you would be spoilt for choice. Geometric designs, self prints, flowery designs, etc. are some of the options you have. There are wallpapers created especially for children’s rooms too. Apart from this, you will also find wallpapers that would look great on your kitchen walls and dining rooms. All you need is an interior decorator in Pune who would be able to help you choose a wallpaper that would make your room look classy.


Mirrors are great accessories when it comes to wall art. Moreover, it can make your room appear roomier. There are beautiful mirrors available in the market with frames of wood, metal, etc. Choose a mirror that goes well with your decor, and soon you would realize it was the best decision you took.

Modern Options

Some of the modern wall decor options would be wall stickers, canvas painting, etc. The best part of wall stickers are they can be easily stuck on walls and can be easily removed too. If you are living in a rented house, this option is best for you as you do not have to drill holes or paint something to decorate your walls. Canvas painting is something that has come up in the recent times. Instead of framing a painting, you paint the entire wall with your favourite picture, be it scenery, a historical moment or perhaps a page of your favourite book.