Residential Interior Designs

Sun Interiors & Kitchens is an interior designing company in Pune that offers kitchen designing services along with other residential as well as corporate interior designing services. The kitchen of a home is given as much importance as the rest of the home. The interior designers of Sun Interiors have worked at several homes to create kitchens that are functional and at the same time stylish and easy to the eyes.

Kitchen is an extremely important part of all homes. This is where the food is cooked for the entire family. Earlier, kitchens used to be spacious, even bigger than the bedrooms. However, today, homes are becoming smaller and kitchens are becoming compact. This has increased the need for new designs and techniques to make kitchens utility-friendly and beautiful too.

Sun Interiors has lot of experience in designing modular kitchen for modern homes. This interior designing company creates customized designs as per the size and requirements of the kitchen. Whatever might be the size of the kitchen, the interior designers at Sun Interiors would be able to create a design that is apt for the kitchen.

While the design of the kitchen is modern, the equipment and materials used are also state-of-the-art. The trolleys, units, fittings and other accessories used for the kitchen are the latest as well as of the highest quality. Apart from the regular wooden laminates, there are several that one can choose, ranging from glossy to matte. There are various colour options to choose from too. The interior designers at Sun Interiors would help to choose the right materials and colours that would match with the kitchen and other interiors of the home.

Apart from kitchen interiors, Sun Interiors and Kitchens has experience of designing entire homes as well as corporate offices in Pune. The firm remains up to date about the latest trends in designs, making it possible to give homes and offices a unique and stylish look.


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