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Art Deco Delights: Incorporating Vintage Glamour into Modern Designs

Vintage elements added to modern interiors are the new trend. One design that perfectly captures vintage themes is Art Deco. From retro themes comes Art Deco design. If you like serene and sophisticated spaces that aren’t so bright yet classic, the Art Deco design is all for you. In this blog post, we will share everything about this vintage-themed design.


The Art Deco Design: A Touch of Vintage


Art Deco, the vintage design focuses on geometric shapes and natural motifs. Every decor that’s used in this design has a touch of geometric shapes. The colour palette of Art Deco mostly uses dark hues, muted colours, and metallic finishes. In this design, everything balances the other — such as metallic glamour complementing dark hues.


Decors like mirrors, statement art pieces, and chandeliers create a beautiful retro-inspired classic interior.


Modern with a Vintage Twist: Integrating Art Deco into Your Space


Vintage-styled spaces are very calm and sophisticated. At Sun Interiors, we have designed several places by adding:


1. Bold Geometry


Bold geometric patterns are the most used aspect of this vintage decor style. Patterns such as zigzags and sunbursts are used throughout the vintage decor, creating a layer of visual boldness.


So, when you enter the room, there are layers of details for you to notice. 


2. Glamorous Lighting


Dating back to the 20th century, lighting elements such as chandeliers and lamps were considered a work of art. It’s because the chandeliers and lamps also use vintage shapes and lines. The reflection of lights and shadows from the chandelier mirrors create a dim yet perfectly lit aura. 


3. Textiles and Metallic Materials


Velvet, silk, and leather are the most used textiles in throw pillows and curtains. The softness of these materials creates an aura of royalty at home. Meanwhile, fine details of silver, chrome, and gold are used in the furniture, adding a touch of vintage glamour.


4. Art Deco Mirrors


Mirror furnishings and decorative mirrors create a sense of spaciousness, making even small rooms appear larger and brighter. Because mirrors reflect light, the Art Deco style fits for dimly-lit spaces too.

If you like mirrors across the place, decorative mirrors fit perfectly in the form of a sunburst shape.

5. Statement Art Pieces


Vintage decor makes extensive use of statement art pieces. Like other decor pieces, these also include geometric forms. Statement art from the vintage era presents sunbursts, palm leaves, and exotic animals in a very artistic way. However, the placement of these antique pieces makes a real difference.


6. Vintage Assets


Because we are creating a vintage-themed home, it must have all the details. You can add bookshelves, coffee tables, and Polaroid cameras around the house. Additionally, vintage decor includes a lot of curves too — such as rounded mirrors and sofas.


Turn Your Home Into an Era of Retro


Such vintage interior designs come out the best from professionals. At Sun Interiors, we have a team of designers who have worked on hundreds of projects in the past 12 years.


Transform your  dream home with a budget-friendly makeover. Get a consultation call to explore our interior design process. We at sun interiors can create an elegant and affordable space just the way you want.


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