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Designing Productive Workspaces: 6 Key Elements of Commercial Interior Design

Do you know that one-third of your life is spent in your workspace?


As per the survey done, an average person will spend close to 90,000 hrs at work. This survey also shows that the right Interior design of the office space is directly proportional to employee satisfaction, productivity and overall satisfaction.

In this blog, we will be sharing the 6 key elements of commercial interior design for a productive workspace.


1.      The checklist and Strategy Planning

Before designing it is imperative to understand the emotional and functional requirements of the workspace. Please ask your designer to keep in mind the following points.

•       What is the niche of the Business?

•       Specific requirements in the office

•       Environment the Client needs and many more

As a result, it will save cost, and time and office design will be relevant in long run.




2.      Functional and Spacious Layout

The layout design must be the top priority. An Experienced commercial designer will make sure that every corner is utilised by keeping productivity and success at the back of the mind. The seating arrangements, workstations, activity rooms, meeting rooms, open spaces etc.

3.      The Right Lighting

Lighting and Ambience are best friends. The colour, style and placement of the light play an important role while doing the interior office design. Studies show that when offices have perfect lighting, people work better, and get more creative, and productive.

4.      Latest Technology integration

Technology integration is the need of the hour in the office interior designing. This is a sign of smart work, improved communication, performance, and connectivity. Most importantly, employees. Conveniently located Plug-in access, Wifi, smart lighting, Audio and video systems.

Do not forget to check with your commercial designer whether he/she has expertise in seamlessly integrating technology with functional and aesthetic designs.

5.      Subtle and Elegant Colour Schemes

Colour and emotions go hand in hand. yellow is joy, Blue is Peace, Green is growth and so on. Choose the colour according to the vibe you would like to give to your workspace. Create a visually stimulating and inspiring workplace by carefully choosing colours that are aligned with your brand identity as well as promoting focus, growth creativity and your core values.


6.      Comfortable Furniture

Employee's well-being is equally important. Right? As per your requirement, an interior designer help you to choose your office furniture. Ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable worktables, orthopaedic cushions, and a sleep room with a comfy bed are in the latest trend. Don’t miss this !!!! This caring move for your employees will keep them happy, relaxed and productive.

By prioritising the well-being and productivity of your team through thoughtful design choices, you can elevate your commercial environment into a hub of creativity and success. Remember, a well-designed workspace not only contributes to business success but also enhances the overall well-being of everyone who steps through its doors. At sun interiors we will provide you with innovative solutions and the latest designs. Let’s explore what we can do for your office space.


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