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Global Influences: Cultural Decor Inspiration

Updated: 2 days ago


Global influences are bringing different cultures and their styles together. Mostly, the traditional patterns and styles used in our homes are inspired by cultures from across the globe. Each culture has its unique significance and beauty. Designers draw inspiration from these cultures and personalise them to create vibrant interiors.


Let’s now look at how diverse cultural fusion designs can bring out your personality profusely.


Different Cultural Inspirations In Modern Decor


Fusing different cultural influences, global trends, and styles allows you to create a timeless, serene space that reflects your personality.


Here are some ways through which you can include different cultures in your modern interiors:


●     Fusion of Textures and Materials


The fusion design of two different cultures creates an eclectic decor. For instance, you can use natural materials such as bamboo and wood from one design and rich tile work from another culture. Combinations of such complementing designs add depth and luxury to an interior design.


●     Traditional Arts and Craft


A second way to illustrate cultural fusion design is through authentic art. Include handcrafted items such as traditional handwoven textiles, artworks, and pottery to appreciate the culture’s craftsmanship. Such decors also tie a connection with the

cultural heritage.


●     Colour Palettes and Textures


It’s crucial that you choose a colour scheme that reflects your personal style as well as blends with your chosen cultural aesthetic. If you like a sophisticated space, a bold colour palette may suit you. In contrast, serene spaces use muted colour tones.


As per your cultural choices, our designers will include textures and patterns in the space to add a subtle touch of the culture.


●     Natural Elements


Different parts of the world incorporate sustainability in their interior designs through their furniture styles and decor. You can integrate natural elements like wooden furniture and plants to create a sense of authenticity and calmness. Also, to add a contemporary accent, use steel or glass.


●     Cultural Symbols


In different cultures, cultural symbols represent their meaning within a specific culture. Cultural artifacts, meaningful sculptures, and other decorative elements add cultural richness to an interior design.


Our designers at Sun Interiors can help you seamlessly include these elements in your space. Thus, increasing the aesthetic appeal and richness.


Why Should You Add Cultural Designs In Your Space?


Incorporating different cultural symbols, traditional patterns, and artifacts in your space can add a ‘timeless’ appeal. Additionally, the diversity of global trends creates a sense of richness.


The best part about eclectic decor is that you can personalize it however you want. For instance, the warmness of Indian culture and the boldness of African decors can create a balanced look.


Another inspirational design is Japandi style — which fuses the serenity and simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. If you love a warm space with a muted colour scheme, the Japandi style is for you.


Take Cultural Inspirations & Design Your Home


A professional designer can help you choose the best decor and furniture options to merge cultural and global influences.


At Sun Interiors, our expert designers can help you design a home of your dreams. Book a free consultation call with us to know how we can integrate cultural inspirations into your home.



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