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Japandi Fusion: Japanese and Scandinavian Design Blend

Have you been craving peace in your home? Imagine a space with soft light, a touch of nature everywhere, and calming simplicity. That's the magic of Japandi design. The style combines the best of the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi and the Scandinavian style.

Let's explore Japandi design style and discover how sun interiors can create a nature-connected space for you which will give new meaning to your living style.

What Is Japandi?

Japandi combines the calmness and minimalism of the Scandinavian and Japanese design cultures. The design style takes inspiration from the Scandinavian Hygge style and Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics.

While the Hygge style aims to create a warm and inviting space, Wabi-sabi adds beauty to imperfect things. Both cultures' designs value natural materials and functional elegance of things. Thus, perfectly complimenting each other as ‘Japandi’

How to Design a Japandi Style Home?

Japandi style is deeply rooted in the sense of purpose. Thus, every decor added to the Japandi design has its significance which is also connected to nature.

●     Natural Materials

The use of natural materials is what brings out the soul of Japandi. In furniture and decor, oak wood, bamboo, rattan, and stones are used the most. Jute is used to create rugs. Additionally, fabrics such as wrinkled linen and cotton are used to create soft pillows.

●     Functional Furniture

Japandi takes inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design. Each furniture piece serves its purpose with simplicity. Japandi furniture also uses clean lines — creating a sense of peace.

●     Wabi-Sabi Elements

The Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi appreciates the beauty of imperfect things. Imperfections such as in an uneven ceramic vase, or a handmade tea set, bring a subtle charm to a Japandi-inspired space.

Add artisanal tea sets, ceramic pottery vases, and handmade decorations. In short, let these imperfect decorations bring the charm to your home. However, try not to break the colour scheme of Japandi style.

●     Statement Pieces

Statement pieces in Japandi are the vintage revival that you’ve always wanted. Each piece has its own sentimental significance and is chosen thoughtfully. You can add artwork, handmade pottery, or vintage pieces to bring your personal touch.

●     Natural Light

Natural light is one common thing that you'll find in both Scandinavian and Japanese designs. For the same reason, Japandi design also uses large windows and open spaces.

●     Declutter the Space

In Japandi style, very minimal decor is used throughout the space. It’s more about decluttering to create a serene aura than filling empty areas. Moreover, the statement pieces added also seem organized — thus, the clean look.

●     Use Earthy Tones

Japandi style uses a muted, earthy colour palette to create a serene, calm, and inviting atmosphere. In this colour palette, you can include soft greys, pale pinks, warm whites, and subtle greens. On the other side, avoid too bright and light colours.

●     Add Plants

The key to the Japandi style is bringing nature into your home. As the Japanese concept of “biophilia” believes, adding houseplants and greenery creates a biophilic design. Thus, creating a strong bond with nature as plants add a sense of balance within the space.

Create an Inviting Home

If you love a calm, serene, and nature-filled space, Japandi interior style is the one for you. It not only creates multifunctional spaces but is also aesthetically pleasing.

At Sun Interiors, our professional designers can help you plan your Japanese-inspired home. Book a free consultation call now and find out what your new home would look like!


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