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How To Choose The Perfect Area Rug For Your Room

Rug Images
Rug Images

Rugs play a huge role in creating the overall look of a room. A properly positioned rug is a great way to add colour and texture to your room, as it will help tie the various elements in the space together and anchor your furniture. Also, it adds warmth and helps keep floors clean. However, to choose the right rug for your space, you need to think about various factors such as size, shape, colour, pattern, and placement. Read some general guidelines for these elements.

1.Size – It is important to choose a mat that is proportional to space for which it is intended. A rug too small will create a scattered, fragmented look, while an oversized rug will clutter up space. One way to use a smaller rug is to lay a large rug over it for an interesting effect. In a large room, two or more rugs can be used to highlight and separate different areas.

  1. Colour – The colour of the rug matches perfectly with other elements in your room. The colour of the rug becomes especially important if the furniture is completely wooden or metal. Dark-coloured rugs create a cosy feeling, while lighter coloured rugs open up space. A quick tip for colour balance is to match the colour of the carpet with another accent in the room.

  2. Patterns – A patterned rug can liven up space. One way to achieve harmony is to match the same pattern for the rug and another element in the room, such as a wall panel or pillow. To avoid over-repeating the same motif, you can choose similar patterns at different scales to create a visual hierarchy. If the rug has a symmetrical centre pattern, make sure the pattern does not obscure the furniture.

  3. Form – Round rugs can bring a playful vibe to a room, but small rugs are best. A round rug is best used with round or curved pieces of furniture – round tables, beds, etc. Rectangular and square rugs create a more formal look. A square or rectangular rug can be used with similarly shaped furniture or occasionally round tables, provided the table is small enough to be centred on the rug.

  4. Accommodation – The correct placement of the rug largely depends on the setting, the type of room and other decor elements in the room

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