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How to make a beautiful mandir at home – 6 perfect examples.

Mandir at Home
Mandir at Home

Glasses have always been a very versatile decorative tool over the years. In addition to being an essential element in a closet, they can serve as attractive decorative accessories and work in great ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Properly shelter, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. From vintage pieces with decorative frames, stitched on both sides to beautiful wall-to-wall mirrors, mirrors can be made to work with a variety of decorative styles from antique to modern.

Here is a few tips to keep in mind while decorating with mirrors.

Create a focus area

Mirrors can be used to create a point of emphasis and focus in your living room or on a file. Place large mirrors about three to six inches above the pieces of furniture or decorative items you want to highlight, such as console tables or over the bed. Small mirrors can be placed at that level for maximum effect. If properly positioned, a statement mirror will add timeless splendour to space and will set the tone throughout the room.

Open small spaces

Mirrors can change the look of any space by visually enlarging smaller areas. Large mirrors will reflect the light in the room, giving you the illusion of space and depth. Instead of using one large mirror, you can use three or five smaller pieces to create visual interest. In big rooms in size, the mirror will give the eyes a chance to relax making the room a little closer together.

Reach your walls

Mirrors of different sizes can be grouped together to decorate word walls. Light and bright will add a glow to the boring wall, making it fun to look at. Use a variety of mirrors and various frames to bring out the look of the collector without much effort.

Put a letter in the space

A full screen is something you need to maximize space without character and game. If your room has empty walls, a large mirror with a decorated frame can give it a strong and attractive personality. You can also set up a mirror to show off interesting things – like looking at your favorite accent wall. There is an endless world of possibilities out there when it comes to decorating with mirrors. Play with size and frame to get the look that works for you.

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