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New House Design in Pune on a Budget: Create Your Dream Home with Affordable Interior Design

What is one of the biggest dreams we have?  Buying a house !! The happiness of holding the keys of your own house in your hand, the pleasure of having your own space to create a home. The money and effort it takes to plan your new house design can be daunting. That excitement shouldn’t fade because of the high interior design costs nowadays. The good news is that you can have your dream home within your budget.


At Sun Interiors, our expert designers can help you plan your new house design without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we will tell you how we’ll make it happen for you . We will share some design styles which are classy yet affordable


Plan Your Design Style


The first step is to choose the design style you’d want your home to be. There are plenty of options — ranging from the cosy Hygge design to the bold modern, vintage glamour.


With your design choice in mind, we will plan the design layout for each room, along with their key decor. Then, it’ll be easier to allocate the budget for furniture, lighting, and decor.


Choose The Best Colors & Lightning


The most essential thing that makes the aura of your space is the colours and lighting. For instance, the Hygge design uses pastel colours with a lot of natural light. Thus, creating a spacious and inviting look. In contrast, the Art Deco design uses dark colours with dim lights — creating a serene look.


Therefore, we can say that more than the aesthetics, the choice of colours is crucial. Choosing the right pallette make the room look bigger and influence the way you feel in the space.Our designers at Sun Interiors can suggest the best colours to fit the aura of how you want your home to be.


Incorporate Decor & DIYs On a Budget

Professional interior designers can help you get the best home decorating ideas on a budget. Besides their creative mindsets and amazing design ideas, their extensive industry connections give them access to a network of vendors who offer competitive pricing and hidden gems in thrift shops. Thus, you get affordable, yet classical furniture and decor to uplift your home’s aura.



Incorporating DIY wall hanging, paintings, and decorations are an incredible way to give your space a unique touch of your style. This will save you from breaking the bank and still having your dream home look.

 Benefits of Having a Professional Designer


Even on a budget, working with a team of professional interior designers helps you get exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some benefits of having professional designers:


●     Time-Saving Approach: Skip the tedious process of finding the best colours, lamps, and decor. Thus, saving all your time.


●     Expertise at a Budget: It’s possible to get your house a new aesthetic on a budget. Moreover, you get a professional’s expertise along with it.


●     Network of Vendors: Interior design companies work with numerous clients, they have a network of vendors for budget-friendly decor products. Saving you time and money.


At Sun Interiors, we provide interior design services in Pune at an affordable budget. We’ve helped our clients transform their home’s aura, and we are sure that we will do the same for you.


To know more about how we can help you build your dream house, book a free consultation call with a designer and find out.



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