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The Second Part: Interior Design Styles to Consider While Crafting Your Dream Home.

Dream Home
Dream Home

Welcome, taking it forward from where we left off in “The First Part”, a look into various interior design styles that can go into crafting your dream home. The question that we often ask, what kind of design are we looking for? There are a lot of different styles, and it is important to have an answer or an inkling of what we want.

The adage ‘Home is where the heart is’ a happy home is, therefore, a happy life. The sense of comfort, peace, or happiness you get the moment you enter, you know that you got it right-with the home and with the design. For designing a home is a personal thing, says a lot about your personality, about your lifestyle which is why some people find it hard. And that’s the intent of writing this piece that may be of some help to making an informed decision. So after, Mid-Century, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional styles we move on to…


The name says it all, the design stems from the modern designer lofts in the major cities incorporating cues from its cosmopolitan environment. The urban modern is a fusion of several opposing and complementary traits. Minimalist modern, ethnic heirlooms, glamorous chic, and edgy experimental designs all collide in a distinctively 21st-century setting. It creates a blend of elements from contemporary, modern, and industrial designs, a unique style, perfect for inner-city living.

It embraces warehouse conversions and loft environments as its foundation making the most of small spaces thus practical living areas. Key architectural features of the design include exposed beams, unfinished surfaces and materials such as concrete, brick and wood. Characterised by clear open spaces and bright lighting, urban design consists of minimalist and large pieces of furniture fashioned with sleek lines. Vintage decor, geometric shapes and a colour scheme that combines neutral undertones with colours found in nature are other elements that impart the urban design style.


Another popular interior design style is the Nautical style that helps every beach person keep the ocean near them. Nautical refers to ships and seas, a very age-old style that adds coolness to the place. This style merges the coastal lifestyle with your interior space by bringing together the right elements for that ‘nautical feel.’

Keeping up with the New England beach house spirit, based on white or sand coloured foundation, with blue as the primary accent colour, the design is warm, relaxing, and positive. With simple nautical interior design, the ocean is never far away, by using attractive decorative elements such as starfish, stripes, anchors, and nautical stars, supported by natural textiles and the type of furniture adds some coastal chic to any room.

The options for decorative accents are limitless: seashells in clear jars, jute ropes, rowing oars, sailboats, navigational maps, and more. The style makes it possible to provide a relaxed atmosphere for any room by creating an ambience that is associated with the sight, sound, and smell of the ocean, complete with accessories associated with seafaring and some simple natural furniture.


When you think of France, what first comes to your mind is a chic and bold yet personal and quirky home design style. The French have an instinctive capacity to easily blend the old with the new, be it in furniture, decor, lighting or the overall theme of any space. In other words, the French interior design trend is superbly chic and boldly unique.

French Interior Design make use of basic elements such as lighting, use of crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, candlestick sconces etc. The fabric choices revolve around brocade and velvet drapery, silk organza, linen, and chiffon highlighting transparency & lightness. When it comes to architecture we think of rosettes, stucco mouldings, large windows, high ceilings, glossy ceramic granite floors, with parquet, laminate, and light-shade polished stone.

The French inspired decor feels so effortless yet is hard to replicate. French modern design is a stunning blend of sophistication borrowed from different styles, incorporating bold elements with traditional design. Informed, composed, and adventurous, truly inspired by Paris.


You may have one style that you prefer mostly, but there are times when your interior design preferences lean toward the mash-up of styles. You may be interested in mid-century modern, but you really want natural materials. Or maybe you like the casual nature of a boho design, but also like to keep things minimal.

Sometimes we find our tastes are not quite conventional, especially for those who aren’t sure what they may be attracted to next. That’s very OK! It just means that your interior design style is eclectic. In fact, we think that’s sorta awesome!

Eclectic style of designing involves an informal mix of furnishings and decor that draws from a wide variety of styles. It often combines bright colours and patterns and mixes in unexpected elements. This mix of patterns, colours, materials, and textures, with a nod to vintage pieces and global-inspired patterns is a hallmark of eclectic design.

The look may generally lean towards the side of maximalism, but it's not random—the great thing about eclectic style is that things must feel cohesive. That maybe doesn't seem intuitive at first because you're focusing on bold colours and even statement-making features like colourful throw pillows or a bright rug. But those details will blend in beautifully when you create a setting that evenly compliments them all with delicate touches like coordinating wallpaper or wall art!

That brings us to….

A sort of conclusion to probably a never-ending story for we have just scratched the surface. Hopefully, the bit gives you an idea about the most popular and talked about interior designs. In a world that is constantly changing, we know how hard it is to find quality, beautiful and affordable interior design services in Pune.

Sun Interior is a well-known name in the world of exquisite interior designing. We have a well-earned reputation for innovative interior designing solutions and have gained trust of many customers. To save you from the hassle of looking for these services, we have researched the market and brought them all to you. All you need to do is visit our website and we will help you design your dream house.

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