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The Top 7 Interior Design Trends in Pune to Elevate Your Space

In today’s modern living and fast-paced world, we all aspire to have a

beautiful, cosy and vibrant-looking space. Yet, often, what holds us back is

our lack of knowledge related to the latest trends in interior design. Today’s

post will guide you in 10 ways how you can improve your space with the

latest design trends.

Let’s make your space so beautiful and so elegant !!!!

Trend 1:- Go Green

Indoor plants take your interiors to completely next level. They not only make

your home look fresh and green. But also scientifically, indoor plants provide

you with a clean environment.

Introduce indoor plants to add a touch of nature to your interiors. Not only do

plants purify the air, but they also bring a refreshing burst of greenery into

any room. From trendy succulents to statement fiddle leaf figs, there's a plant

to suit every style and space.

Trend 2:- Embrace Sustainable Materials

The good news is that the use of sustainable materials in Pune has gained

noteworthy momentum. They not only improve aesthetics but it is a holistic

approach towards an eco-friendly and cleaner environment in the future.

Bamboo, Cork, Recycled glass, Stones etc.

Trend 3:- Modern Minimalist Interior Design in Pune

A minimalist approach is the new black. The intention is to create a simple,

clutter-free look. In this approach to interior decoration, the focus is on

colour, large space, minimal artwork, uncomplicated furniture and simplicity.

The colour scheme here is mostly whites, greys and beiges.

The minimal look and decluttered space help to clear the mind and give a

sense of serenity.

Trend 4:- Multifunctional Space

Pune much Like Mumbai is also facing Space constraints, leading to

multifunctional layouts. As a result, you can utilise maximum space without

sacrificing comfort and aesthetics. Foldable tables and beds, multifunctional

furniture, and a coffee table with hidden storage are both stylish and


Trend 5:- Integrate Technology

Today, technology is part of our lives. Integrate smart home solutions in your

home or office resulting in seamless convenience, comfort and style. Motion

sensor lights, temperature control, smart locks and cameras are trending in

living spaces in Pune.

Trend 6:- Play with Pastel Palette

Recently, Pastel colours have created enough space in the world of Interior

Designers. They are subtle, calm, welcoming and, most importantly,

romantic. These pallets include Baby Pink, Lemon, Lavender, mint, Coral etc.

Their touch on your walls, furniture, and artwork can drastically change the

vibe of your space.

Trend 7:- Blend of Traditional and Modern Art and Craft

Pune's interior aesthetics are uniquely harmonised through a blend of

traditional architectural elements and modern design concepts. Punekars

creates modern interiors that embrace the past while integrating traditional

elements. Modern furniture with traditional artwork or floral print on the wall,

antique mirrors, rugs and lighting design options which are timeless and

fresh at the same time.


To ensure that your living space should be created not only according to the

latest design trends but also reflect your personality and gives you maximum

comfort and ergonomics.

Sun Interiors prides itself on staying on top of the latest design trends. We

invite you to meet our expert design team to transform your space with

innovative and classy interior design solutions.


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